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The MetaAutomation blog is about applying automation to quality measurement, storage, and communication, in order to ship higher-quality software faster. Better transparency and communication across roles and geographies make happier teams, too!

  • What I dislike about BDD / Cucumber: Architectural issues

    Cucumber relies on statements about SUT behavior organized in given/when/then syntax, also called Gherkin language. This forces authors to break their statements up and organize them by preconditions, … more

  • What I dislike about BDD / Cucumber: Promises, promises…

    The book opens (page 3) with a well-written section on communication between stakeholders and programmers. On page 5, “What makes Cucumber stand out from the crowd of other testing tools is that it … more

  • What I like about BDD / Cucumber

    I like applying a “ubiquitous language” that is standard across roles for a given project. That should improve communication, especially across roles. On pages 135-136 the authors make some good … more

  • What I like about “The Cucumber Book, Second Edition”

    The intro post in this series is here.

    I am impressed with the attempt to lay out a complete system for the quality automation problem space, and that it addresses many different roles on a software … more

  • Review of “The Cucumber Book, Second Edition”

    I wanted to learn more about Cucumber, what it was exactly, and why it is so popular.

    I had (and still have) no plans on using the BDD/Cucumber approach, because I’m very aware of the weaknesses of, … more

  • A gift to company executives

    For automation for quality (a superset of/fix for what is often called “test automation”) MetaAutomation provides trustworthy detail and transparency on what the SUT is doing and how fast to all … more

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